recent obsessions

I’ve been dreaming of food lately. Which is not entirely unusual. But it’s especially bad since I haven’t been grocery shopping in like 5 days…which is unheard of for me.

My fridge pathetically bare, I had to resort to internet food porn. These are some of my neoteric noms. And now I’m drooling.

Hummussapien’s Best Shakshuka

Spicy, crunchy, perfect for dipping, runny egg glory. Perfect for feeding a crowd or eating alone. An easy cheap breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Maybe the most perfect food ever.

This Vegan Mac and Cheese also from Hummussapien. I blended the mushrooms up with the cheese sauce which gives it an unfortunate dull sort of color but makes the flavor super umami and “oo, mommy!”

Build the Perfect Cheese Board with help from bon appetit. Yes you should eat this kind of thing every day. Well. Maybe not every day. But more regularly than I’m betting you do. Because cheese is meant to be eaten. And according to a recent study, cheese has the same effect on your brain as hard drugs. (Seriously here’s the article). So stay clean, kids. Get high instead on some full fat Gouda.

Avocado toast. This one is actually from my own foodie archives. Smashed avocado on seedy wheat bread with arugula, olive oil, and…

Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel seasoning sprinkled on top (which is something I would pack in my survival bag in case of zombie apocalypse – yes, it’s that good).

Sazaracs. Because yum. And I live in the Bayou.

I was telling my au pair a story the other day. And I said “I can’t remember where we were coming home from…”

And she interrupted me and said, “Probably the grocery store, Charlotte. You’re always going to the grocery store.”

And I couldn’t disagree.

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